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Eyebloc News — Webcam Slave

Eyebloc Going into the Shark Tank Jan 10th!

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera cybersecurity Shark Tank Webcam Cover Webcam Slave

Eyebloc is going in the Shark Tank! Founder and CEO CJ Isakow will appear in the first episode of 2014 of ABC's Shark Tank on January 10th to pitch Eyebloc to five of the savviest investors in the world. Our friends at Inthecapital wrote a followup article about the big news:  "It's just a real simple product, a simple idea and it will be fun to see where this takes it" - CJ It was an amazing experience preparing for the show, filming in Los Angeles, and meeting the sharks.  While its a simple idea, there is a true business opportunity to help...

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Webcam Hackers Blackmailed a Detroit Teenager into Pawning His Mother's Jewelery

Block Webcam cybersecurity Ransomeware Webcam Cover Webcam Hacking Webcam Slave

You don't have to look like Miss Teen USA to be a victim of webcam hacking and internet blackmail.  This normal teenage boy fell victim to a criminal who extorted thousands of dollars from him after hacking his webcam.  Presumably he was doing things in his room he didn't want on the internet.   Here is an except from a recent article in Vice "According to reports, this scam is becoming increasingly common. Hackers trick someone into installing a remote access application, switch on their webcam when they’re doing something "indiscreet," then Facebook message them a copy of the video, and threaten...

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NBC Today Show: Webcam Hacking Scares Family

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera Internet Security Webcam Cover Webcam Hacking Webcam Slave

This Today Show segment is a must watch on internet security.  The producers hack into the webcam camera on this family's laptop, and you won't believe the reactions. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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BBC: Webcam Hacker: Its like they are your slave

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera Internet Security NSA Webcam Hacking Webcam Cover Webcam Hacking Webcam Slave

In this terrifying BBC Report, A 16 year-old school boy explains why he hacked into strangers' webcams to spy on them. He calls his victims his "slaves" - but he says he was "just having a laugh".It's not a laugh for the victims that have their privacy violated. The report highlights the necessity of a webcam cover - especially considering, as the hacker admitted, "You don't need anything special to hack into someone's webcam". Listen to the entire story here

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FBI: Webcam hacking next big cyber crime

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera FBI Webcam Hacking Internet Security NSA Webcam Hacking Webcam Cover Webcam Hacking Webcam Slave

JACKSON, Miss. —Has a hacker been spying on your family? If you have an uncovered webcam on any of your home computers, it's more likely than you think.The FBI recently reported that webcam hacking could be the next big thing in cyber crime.  Megan West of 16 WAPT explains how easy it is to become a victim in a special report.  Read more and watch the video. X

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