The world's thinnest magnetic webcam cover

Newly redesigned for the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

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The #1 Top Selling Webcam cover. Nano-Suction, peel and stick, reusable webcam cover for computers, phones and tablets.

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Eyebloc for MacBook

Designed Exclusively for MacBooks. Stay protected and safely close your MacBook with this award winning patented webcam cover.

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Databloc Data Blocker

Protects from Viruses and Malware. Databloc connects to your charging cable for safe charging in public spaces while travelling.

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"This is a real problem."

Robert Herjavec, ABC's Shark Tank

Finally a high quality webcam cover I'll actually use.

Dan, San Francisco

It's like magic when the magnets pull the Eyebloc webcam cover into place.

Jaime, Los Angeles

"There's some sensible things you should be doing, and (covering your webcam) is one of them"

James Comey, FBI


Why do I need a webcam cover for MacBook?

You should never have to worry about your personal devices betraying your privacy, but the truth is that there is currently a rise in the threat of webcam hacking. The Eyebloc Webcam for MacBook is a magnetic webcam cover designed to allow your computer to completely close. The patented webcam cover for MacBook is the thinnest webcam cover on the market and works directly with the internal magnets in your computer. To use simply place the cover over your camera and slide the cover to expose your webcam. The best part? None of the gunk and residue you get from tape or post-it notes. By truly knowing your camera is blocked, the Eyebloc for MacBook delivers peace of mind in the age of computer hackers, and for active webcam users. While the Eyebloc for Macbook is specifically designed for MacBooks and MacBook Pros it will also work for newer laptops with built-in magnets.

Can someone really spy on me through my camera?

Yes! If you use a computer or tablet with a built in camera, there’s always the possibility of a hacker gaining access. In the worst case scenario, this can mean a stranger watching you and your family’s most private moments. Hackers have also been known to use cameras to steal passwords and other sensitive data.

How does the webcam cover work?

Eyebloc For MacBook:

Step 1: Place the cover over your camera, the Eyebloc Webcam Cover will connect to your internal computer magnets.

Step 2: Simply slide with your finger to open and close the webcam.


Step 1: Press the cover on over your camera.

Step 2: Simply peel and press to the side of your camera to open, replace to close.

Does the eyebloc for MacBook stay on my computer when closed?

The Eyebloc for MacBook is made from a super thin high carbon steel that allows it to remain attached to the computers’ internal magnets while the lid is closed.

Can I purchase from outside the U.S.?

International shipping is available for amazon and direct store purchases. For some promotional offers shipping outside the US is not available.

Does eyebloc for MacBook work on my iMac?

Eyebloc currently only works with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Laptops (11"/13"/15" display's) as it takes advantage of the embedded magnets that are normally used to keep the lid closed. We are working on additional versions for iMacs and other popular devices. The eyebloc may work on some newer non-mac laptops with built-in magnets.

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