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Eyebloc News — Ransomeware

Webcam Hackers Blackmailed a Detroit Teenager into Pawning His Mother's Jewelery

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You don't have to look like Miss Teen USA to be a victim of webcam hacking and internet blackmail.  This normal teenage boy fell victim to a criminal who extorted thousands of dollars from him after hacking his webcam.  Presumably he was doing things in his room he didn't want on the internet.   Here is an except from a recent article in Vice "According to reports, this scam is becoming increasingly common. Hackers trick someone into installing a remote access application, switch on their webcam when they’re doing something "indiscreet," then Facebook message them a copy of the video, and threaten...

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NBC News: 'Ransomware' tricks victims into paying hefty fines

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Computer users around the globe are being hit by a new kind of virus designed to scare you out of your money. The virus freezes the victim's computer and accuses them of crimes including child porn, bestiality, and copyright infringement. To add to the ruse, the virus has the computer take a picture using the victim's webcam. The threats are scary enough that victims are coughing up $200 to pay a "fine" to the hacker.Read More...

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