Databloc USB Data Blocker Adapter

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  • GUARANTEED DATA PROTECTION: Engineered to effectively block data by completely eliminating the two data connection lines between your device and public charging hub, this data blocker disables automatic syncing and transfers for a hacker-safe charging experience.
  • QUICK CHARGE COMPATIBLE: Fully compatible with the QuickCharge chip for quick charging if your iPhone, cell phone or tablet supports it, ensuring the fastest possible charging while still blocking all incoming and outgoing data.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Nowadays our phones and tablets are at the very center of our digital lives. Packed with limitless amounts of our sensitive information that we would never give to anyone; so why plug in unprotected? Get the charge you need, without compromising your device.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply plug your regular USB charging cable into the Databloc. Then plug the Databloc directly into the public USB charging terminal for a worry free power connection. Works with all of your USB (A) devices.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - Travel with confidence! Designed to be small and lightweight for travel this adapter can be taken anywhere to prevent data theft and malware attacks when charging in public at USB stations in hotels, airports, coffee shops, office spaces, rental cars, and more.



    Databloc Data Blocking USB Adapter

    Protect your phone from hackers when using public chargers in hotels, coffee shops & more. Databloc Prevents “juice jacking” - unwanted syncing of personal data, and prevents malware attacks when you plug your phone into public USB ports.

    What is “Juice Jacking” and why do I need a Data Blocking USB Adapter?

    There are two main reasons for owning and using a data blocking USB adapter; peace of mind and the increasing risk of your devices being “Juice Jacked” with malware. Hackers are rigging public usb ports and leaving USB cables in public spaces with malware embedded in them. When you use them to plug in your phone, the malware transfers to your device via the USB data transfer and your phone/personal information is now compromised. With the Databloc data blocker, the data transfer is disabled allowing you to charge with confidence and always stay protected.

    • Get the charge you need without compromising your phone or charging speeds.
    • Confidently know that none of your private data is transferred elsewhere.
    • Delivers peace-of-mind in the age of hackers and malware attacks.

    Where would I use the Databloc Data Blocking USB Adapter?

    While travelling day-to-day, you may use one of many public USB ports never knowing what data has been transferred to and from your phone. Use in:

    • Airports
    • Rental cars
    • Rideshares
    • Hotels
    • Coffee shops
    • The office

    Databloc Data Blocking USB Adapter

    Prevents syncing of personal photos and contacts when you plug your phone into USB ports.

    Works With All of Your Devices and Public USB Ports

    SmartCharge™ Quick Charging

    Features a built-in SmartCharge chip for fast charging newer devices.

    Stops Data Exchange

    Prevents syncing of personal photos and contacts when you plug your phone into USB ports.

    Hacker Safe

    Protects your device from hackers when using public chargers.

    It's Time to Control Your Privacy

    Protects your phone from hackers when using public chargers in hotels, coffee shops & more.


    Does the Data Blocker slow my charging speed?

    The Databloc features SmartCharge and is designed to give you the optimal charging speed for your device. Cheaper versions or USB adapters without SmartCharge will slow your charging time.

    With the Databloc, all data transfers are disabled allowing you to get the charge you need without compromising your phone. Unlike other datablockers the Databloc features SmartCharge giving you faster charging for newer smartphones. Keep a Databloc connected to your cable or in your travel bag or purse and always be protected!

    How does the Databloc Data Blocking USB Adapter work?

    • Step 1: Use your existing charging cable.
    • Step 2: Connect your charging cable to the USB adapter.
    • Step 3: Safely charge your device anywhere.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Philipp K.

    As far as I can tell it seems to work. I tried with a laptop and I could not establish a data connection.

    Cheri angle

    So far it works great it was recommended to me by rich on tech from channel 5 news

    Jessie Dahler
    I do not recommend

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I ordered 3 items from 2 weeks ago. A "Databloc USB", "Silent Pocket" and the "Eyebloc Nano Camera Covers".

    Databloc USB (Not recommended, 1/10):
    There were 2 data blockers in the package. Before I used the product, I cracked open one of the two data blockers and found that there appeared to be 4 data cables connected instead of the 2 they advertise. In fact, they say that the data cables have been removed but this is not the case.

    Silent Pocket (Not recommended: 3/10)
    Not as pictured on the website, is advertised with a phone in the picture. In reality it barely fits credit cards decently and if you get them in it is not convenient to use. At best it would hold an Iphone 4.

    Eyebloc Nano webcam covers (recommended: 10/10)
    Works as advertised. Good product, does what it is supposed to do.

    Shipping was good, US -> NL about 2 weeks.

    I would not order here again and give this company/webshop a score of 3/10.

    Translated with (free version)

    Edna Pontellier
    Easy to use.

    I used it once so far and can’t tell if it did anything at all but it works so let’s hope it’ll do it’s job when needed.

    that it really blocks Data Transfer from your phone when charging at an unknown charging station.

    It is easy to carry and use when you need it, it is available.