Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eyebloc Webcam Cover?

The Eyebloc Webcam Privacy Shield is a simple solution to cybercrime. Designed to cover the webcam of laptops and tablets, made from soft plastic to protect your lens, the Eyebloc delivers peace of mind in the age of hackers. The best part? None of the gunk and residue you get from tape or post-it notes. Privacy has been compromised worldwide in the name of surveillance, corporate espionage, blackmail, and other criminal activities. The Eyebloc team is determined to put an end to webcam hacking, and we’re willing to give a 100% money back guarantee

Webcam Hackers? 

Yes! There have been  more and more cases over the past year of hackers taking advantage of software vulnerabilities to gain access to their victims’ webcams. 

Can someone really spy on me through my computer?

Yes! If you use a computer or tablet with a built in web camera, there’s always the possibility of a hacker gaining access. In the worst case scenario, this can mean a stranger watching you and your family’s most private moments.  Don’t just take it from us - take it from one of the most high profile cases of webcam hacking.

"Cover your webcam" - Miss Teen USA on Fox News

How does Eyebloc webcam blocker work? 

"Such a simple fix" - Jaime from California on Amazon.com 

Step 1: Slide Eyebloc Webcam Shield over webcam

Step 2: There is no step 2. Once your webcam is covered, there’s no way for webcam hackers to photograph or video you.

How did you come up with the Eyebloc webcam blocker design?

We worked with an awesome design team from Cambridge, MA called Plus Fabrication. Together we came up with a few different designs and had them 3D printed.  After trying a lot of different shapes we came up with a the unique shield shape to convey protection, and the back is designed to flex for larger devices but still sit snugly on thin devices. 

 Fun fact: our first Eyebloc was 3D printed at the DC Public Library!

What Customers are saying about Eyebloc

“I have young children, and the thought that someone might be watching gave me the chills.  For less than a trip to McDonald’s I purchased an Eyebloc and have been feeling much better ever since.” Alissa M., mother and attorney, Santa Monica California
“In my business confidentiality is important, and I don’t want to risk someone watching our meetings through the webcam.  Now I know they can’t” - David S., Investor, New York, New York
“The Eyebloc design covers my webcam without leaving any marks on my new computer.  That was really important to me.” - Greg B., Manufacturing Executive, San Francisco California
“At first I ordered Eyeblocs to make sure no one was watching us at home through our laptops and tablets.  Now I recommend all my IT clients purchase Eyebloc for any built in webcams.” - Marty H., IT Manager, Southfield Michigan

Will the Eyebloc fit on my laptop?  

Yes Eyebloc will cover the camera.  The photos show how the Eyebloc covers the camera.  If you have a lip there will be a small gap so some users do not like this solution and prefer traditional solutions like tape.

Can I close my laptop with Eyebloc in place?

If your laptop has a flat front and no latches, yes.  There will be a small gap but your laptop will go to sleep.  If your laptop has a lip or latches you will not be able to close your laptop with the Eyebloc in place, BUT its easy to remove and keep with your laptop for use once you are at your computer again.

Why not use tape?

We used to use tape, but we invented Eyebloc because we didn’t like to get gunk on our laptop, and we like to use our webcam to chat with friends on colleagues.  So we wanted something we could easily slide to the side when using the camera and remove without leaving gunk on our expensive equipment.

Where is the Eyebloc manufactured?

Eyebloc is designed, packaged and made in the USA.  Our prototypes were made using 3D printing technology from Shapeways and the DC Public Library

Do you have any new products in development?

Yes, in addition to working on the next generation Eyebloc Webcam Blocker, we already have a great Eyebloc cover for XBox 360 Kinect you can buy on Shapeways

P.S. Why take a chance that someone might be watching you?

At the end of the day, we can never know for sure if someone is watching us.  We don't know if someone will try break into our home, but we lock our doors.  Take the necessary precaution to protect against webcam hacking and order an Eyebloc.  If you don't like it I'll send you your money back no questions asked.

P.P.S. Is there really 100% money back guarantee?

Absolutely!  We know we are a new company, with a new product, and there is a chance you won't like it.  Since we are only available online, you can't test it before hand.  If you get the Eyebloc and don't like it, please contact us through the contact form and include your order number.  We'll process the refund right away.  If you could include a note on what device you tried to use it on and how we could improve it that would be helpful as we grow the business.  Thank you