Nanobloc Universal Webcam Cover - Box of 50 Packs

$399.00 $449.00

NanoBloc Webcam Cover from Eyebloc. Universal Fits Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Pc, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhoneAndroid Phone, Computer, Control Your Privacy, Strong Suction No Residue (3 Pack, Black)

  • Universal Webcam Cover works on any device including ipad, phone, computer, tablet

  • No gunk! Uses nano tape technology to stick to your device leaving no residue

  • Reusable over and over again. Just rinse with water if gets dirty to regain stickiness

  • Black circles blend in with your phone or camera

Your electronics aren't cheap, so why tape on a permanent webcam cover or muck it up with tape? Nanobloc Universal Webcam Cover blocks your webcam on any device. After appearing on Shark Tank Eyebloc founder searched the world for the best webcam covers that leave no residue and look great. Years of research and development have led to Nanobloc's industry-leading design and construction. Unlike competitors who use tape, Eyebloc attaches using nano suction cups that stick to your device with no adhesives. No messy tape. No damaging your phone or computer. Eyebloc is also designed to easily enable / disable your webcam. Stop webcam hackers in their tracks and take that conference call in your pajamas knowing that you won't share video by mistake. 100% Money Back Guarantee.