Letter from Eyebloc

Dear Concerned Citizen,

At Eyebloc, we get a lot of questions about internet security and our webcam cover solution.  Please let us know if you have others.

Can someone really spy on me through my computer?

Yes! If you use a computer or tablet with a built in web camera, someone might be watching you right now. 

Or worse, watching you and your family in your most private moments.

Read on to learn about our solution to ensure you are safe in your own home.

"Cover your webcam" - Miss Teen USA on Fox News

I didn’t want to believe that my boss, criminals, or even the government could see into my home, but I could not ignore the evidence.  I first became concerned about webcam privacy when I read an article about a high school in Pennsylvania spying on their students through school owned web cameras.  That school district ended up settling a $750,000 lawsuit!  

Then I heard more and more about employers purchasing software to monitor employee internet usage that also included the ability to access web cams.  That creeped me out, thinking about my boss looking through my camera without me knowing.  

It got worse!  This year a guy was found guilty of spying on over 30 woman in their bedrooms looking at their webcams. This webcam hacker is going to jail for a long time.

The national and local media started reporting on the story including the Today Show, FOX, CNN and even over in Europe on the BBC.  

But I finally decided to take action when I read about governments and NSA reading emails and tracking phone calls.  

This has become so easy and so widespread that a solution is needed.  

Even beauty queens are out telling the world to cover their webcams!

What is the Eyebloc Webcam Cover?

The Eyebloc is designed to protect you and your family

  • Physically Block Your Webcam with Eyebloc, Stop Spying or Accidental Sharing

  • No Adhesives! Say Goodbye to Stickiness from Tape or Post-It Notes

  • Compatible with Laptops, Ipad, Kindle Fire, Tablet PCs

  • No Software Required - Physical Webcam Cover

  • Laptop camera cover made of soft plastic to protect your webcam lens

How does Eyebloc webcam blocker work?

"Such a simple fix" - Jaime from California on Amazon.com

Step 1: Slide Eyebloc Webcam Shield over webcam
Step 2: There is no step 2, its that simple

What clients are saying about Eyebloc

“I have young children, and the thought that someone might be watching gave me the chills.  For less than a trip to McDonald’s I purchased an Eyebloc and have been feeling much better ever since.” Alissa M., mother and attorney, Santa Monica California

“In my business confidentiality is important, so I don’t want to risk someone could be watching our meetings through the webcam.  Now I know they can’t” - David S., Investor, New York, New York

“The Eyebloc design covers my webcam without leaving any marks on my new computer.  That was really important to me.” - Greg B., Manufacturing Executive, San Francisco California

“At first I ordered Eyeblocs to make sure no one was watching us at home through our laptops and tablets.  Now I recommend all my IT clients purchase Eyebloc for any built in webcams.” - Marty H., IT Manager, Southfield Michigan

Sure there are other solutions out there, and I tried them all.  That is why I knew I had to create a new product that was even better.  First I just tried tape.  It cost almost nothing, but every time I wanted to use my webcam i would take it off.  It would leave a mark, and I would often not have a fresh piece to replace the piece I took off.  So then I was unprotected more than not.  Then I went on Amazon and ordered a product that was kind of like a sticker, but it used static electricity.  Sounded cool, but it didn’t stick!  Little good that did to protect me.  I also tried a product with a sliding piece of plastic.  It worked for a while, but then kept falling off and also left a mark.  Plus it had all sorts of obnoxious branding.  Finally I tried a little patch that covered my webcam.  It also had branding all over it and left a mark.

Order Now

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but I know its way more than 10 bucks!

100% Money Back Gaurantee

If you don’t feel safer with the Eyebloc then just send it back for a complete, 100%, no-hassles refund.

Still Not Convinced? Watch This Today Show Segment

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Keep the Bonus Internet Safety Tip Sheet 

If you order in next 10 days, we'll email you 5 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Computer from Intruders  This tip sheet gives you actions you can take today that will help keep you and your family safe.  This paper is yours to keep even if you decide to send the Eyebloc back and get your 100% money back gaurantee





P.S. Why Risk It?

At the end of the day, we can never know for sure if someone is watching us.  We don't know if someone will try break into our home, but we lock our doors.  Take the necessary precaution to protect agains webcam hacking and order an Eyebloc.  If you don't like it I'll send you your money back no questions asked.