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Eyebloc Featured In The Washington Post

Cover Laptop Camera Webcam Cover

The Eyebloc is getting some national attention! The Washington Post interviewed Eyebloc founder CJ Isakow about the idea behind the Eyebloc, webcam hackers, and the philosophy of personal privacy. From the article: “I think everyone deserves a choice of whether they want to be watched or not,” [Isakow] said. “There’s no physical opting out of cameras, so I wanted to make sure there was a product that delivered.” Read the entire Washington Post Article here.   

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Researchers Prove Vulnerabilities In Macbook Webcam Protections

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera Webcam Cover Webcam Hacking

Skeptics of webcam covers usually point to the warning light that's standard on most laptop webcams. After all, if the light turns on when the camera is in use it should be obvious if somebody is spying on you. Researchers at Johns Hopkins shattered that assumption with proof-of-concept software that bypasses the webcam light while remotely activating a Macbook webcam. Watch the video below:     No matter what you might think, the only surefire way to thwart webcam hackers is with a physical webcam blocker. Read the entire article at The Washington Post

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Eyebloc Going into the Shark Tank Jan 10th!

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera cybersecurity Shark Tank Webcam Cover Webcam Slave

Eyebloc is going in the Shark Tank! Founder and CEO CJ Isakow will appear in the first episode of 2014 of ABC's Shark Tank on January 10th to pitch Eyebloc to five of the savviest investors in the world. Our friends at Inthecapital wrote a followup article about the big news:  "It's just a real simple product, a simple idea and it will be fun to see where this takes it" - CJ It was an amazing experience preparing for the show, filming in Los Angeles, and meeting the sharks.  While its a simple idea, there is a true business opportunity to help...

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The FBI Has Been Hacking Webcams

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera Internet Security Webcam Cover Webcam Hacking

The Washington Post's latest article on the FBI reveals the extent that webcam privacy has been eroded. In the pursuit of a suspect known simply as "Mo," the FBI used malware to their own advantage. From the article: The most powerful FBI surveillance software can covertly download files, photographs and stored e-mails, or even gather real-time images by activating cameras connected to computers, say court documents and people familiar with this technology. ...The FBI has been able to covertly activate a computer’s camera — without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording — for several years, and...

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Cybersecuirty Company Eyebloc Invited to Present at Tech in Motion DC

Block Webcam Cover Laptop Camera cybersecurity Internet Security

Where do the hottest tech companies in DC show off their latest solutions?  Tech in Motion hosts events around the country, and this week they invited Eyebloc to demo our product.  We look forward to discussing our technology.  We plan to highlight 3 things: Webcam spying is a real and growing problem.  Its irresponsible to not cover your laptop web camera Innovators can utilize 3D printing to bring their ideas to life.  Eyebloc went from idea to in 30 days Introduce our next product, a webcam cover for X-Box Kinect Thank you Tech in Motion for recognizing Eyebloc as...

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