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In the Capital: Eyebloc Prevents Webcam Hackers From Spying on You October 03 2013

Founded in Washington DC, our nation's capital,  Eyebloc is a big fan of new media company Inthecapital.com.  We were thrilled this week when they covered Eyebloc and the role we can play in thwarting webcam hackers.

"The perv hacking her webcam was recently caught by the FBI. But that doesn't mean the problem is gone. Webcam hackers are out there, and chances are you have no idea if you've been a victim. The most practical and definite solution at this point is to cover your camera. And Eyebloc is an easy-to-use solution that you pop on your computer when you're not using the webcam, and pop off when you are."

Read the entire article here: Eyebloc Prevents Webcam Hackers From Spying on You 

Miss Teen USA Says "Cover Your Webcam" on Fox August 16 2013

We were sad to see that newly crowned Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf's was blackmailed after her webcam got hacked. We're happy to report that she went to the police, and the FBI is now on the case. Ms. Wolf appeared on The O'Reilly Factor with a simple message: cover your webcam.

Check out the interview below. A special thank you Ms. Wolf for helping to spread the word about webcam covers!