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Post Shark Tank Press for Eyebloc: Entrepreneurial Spirit Still Going Strong January 18 2014

Its been a fun post Shark Tank week for Eyebloc.  We had the opportunity to speak to a number of local DC reporters.  Check out the press here

DC Inventor to Be Featured on “Shark Tank” - The Washingtonian

Eyebloc Sees Only Positives After 'Brutal' Shark Tank Airing - In The Capitol

Behind the scenes on "Shark Tank" with a DC entrepreneur - Elevation DC

DC's Eyebloc Gets Eaten Alive on ABC's "Shark Tank" - Tech Cocktail

1776 Member Spotlight: Eyebloc Founder CJ Isakow Learns from 'Shark Tank' Appearance

Looks like the Shark Tank Video got taken down from youtube, but its still available on ABC

Thank you to everyone in the DC community who has been so supportive.  Here is a tweet from our watching party with my amazing wife


Shark Tank Entrepreneur CJ Launches Book Series on How He Builds Businesses: Do It With Help! January 10 2014

How did CJ go from idea to Shark Tank in 45 days? While he does many things himself (DIY) he strongly believes in Do It With Help (DIWH).  As a student of the Lean Startup Movement and an early reader of the 4 Hour Work Week (hint you have to work way more than 4 hours), CJ believes its really important to work with experts who are passionate about their craft to create great products.  He created the Eyebloc using 3D printing, so his first ebook is called Bring Your Idea to Life with 3D Printing.  His second is about utilizing 99 Designs to create great logo for your business titled: Using the Crowd to Design the Perfect Logo: How to Create an Affordable Logo You Love.  Do It With Help series is published through the same platform as Mark Cuban's ebooks. 



"Bring Your Idea to Life with 3D Printing" by CJ Isakow on Ganxy

"Using the Crowd to Design the Perfect Logo: How to Create an Affordable Logo You Love" by CJ Isakow on Ganxy

 To see other books CJ likes please check out his website DIWH.co.  One of his favorites is the new Shark Tank book.  You can buy below


Please let us know what you think, more DIWH books are in the works!