NY Times: Federal Trade Commission Says Webcam’s Flaw Put Users’ Lives on Display

Webcam hackers beware: consumer protection advocates are on to you!   
" Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission took its first action to protect consumers from reckless invasions of privacy, penalizing a company that sells Web-enabled video cameras for lax security practices."
...According to the F.T.C., the company, TRENDnet, told customers that its products were “secure,” marketing its cameras for home security and baby monitoring. In fact, the devices were compromised. The commission said a hacker in January 2012 exploited a security flaw and posted links to the live feeds, which “displayed babies asleep in their cribs, young children playing and adults going about their daily lives.”
As happy as we are to see action against the growing epidemic of webcam hacking, software can always be hacked. The only way to definitively thwart hackers is the simplest solution of all - a physical webcam blocker.
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