Eyebloc - About Us - old

Founded in 2013, Eyebloc is a U.S. based company creating technology products that protect people’s privacy and data through unsurpassed design, function and quality. Eyebloc’s appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 5 brought national attention to privacy issues. Today we serve a wide range of customer's from many of Silicon Valley’s CTOs to any consumer concerned about their privacy.

Eyebloc's privacy and cyber security related products includes the patented Eyebloc Webcam for MacBook, the Nanobloc Universal Webcam Cover and Databloc Data-Blocking USB Adapter.

Leadership Team

CJ Isakow - Serial entrepreneur and experienced executive who launched Eyebloc on ABC’s Shark Tank.  Past experience includes launching Shift.com which grew to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and funding, consultant at McKinsey and Company, and finance role at Airbnb. Wharton MBA, Michigan Engineering.

Jonathan Mafrice - Experienced entrepreneur specializing in product management and marketing.  Invented world’s first video game chair, selling over $20M annually in partnership with Razor Scooter.  Experience selling through retail, online and promotional channels. Michigan State University graduate. 

Where to Buy

All products are available for purchase on Amazon and the company’s website. Businesses and government agencies can purchase the newest line on CDW.com and other B2B distributors. Eyebloc is also proud to partner with the promotional products industry to supply custom webcam covers and data blocking USBs to corporate clients.

For more information, please visit www.eyebloc.com