About Us

Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, Eyebloc’s professional grade privacy products enable you to control your privacy.  Our line of webcam covers for all devices, RFID blocking travel accessories, and datablocking USB adapters for phone charging meet the needs of Silicon Valley’s CTOs and any consumer concerned about their privacy.

The Eyebloc team is committed to protecting your privacy. Those that attempt to violate your privacy violate the very core of our society. Lack of privacy stifles innovation, expression, entrepreneurship and democracy.

Eyebloc develops innovative products designed  in the United States of America. Our initial line of products covers webcams, the built-in cameras in our laptops, Ipads and tablet computers. Eyebloc blocks webcam hackers invading your private lives, corporate and government spies, nosy coworkers, or inadvertent sharing. Eyebloc believes that form and function must come together to develop simple solutions that get the job done without extraneous elements.

Eyebloc was founded in our nations capital, Washington DC, inspired by our founding fathers, informed by contemporary design, and standing on the shoulders of American ingenuity.