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"The advantage of Eyebloc is it can be easily removed when a user wants to use their camera, and then reapplied. The Eyebloc has no adhesive so won’t leave any residue on a tablet or laptop." The Washington Post

"Cover your webcam" - 

Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA on Fox News

  • Eyebloc covers your built-in webcams
  • Delivers peace of mind
  • Made of soft plastic to protect your lens
  • No adhesives, say goodbye to gunk from tape or post-it notes
  • No software required
  • Designed and made in USA
  • Protect yourself from webcam hackers, blackmail, or just plain sharing your camera by mistake
  • Stop potential NSA spying through your webcam
  • Compatible with laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Kindle Fire webcams
  • Thousands sold since filming of Shark Tank in September 2013

    "Such a simple fix" - Jaime from California on Amazon.com

    "The ergonomic and minimalistic Eyebloc has been tailored to fit your computer and leaves no scratches or gunk behind on it.  Eyebloc is an easy-to-use solution that you pop on your computer when you're not using the webcam, and pop off when you are." - IntheCapital.com

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