NEW - Eyebloc Notch Series for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Pre-order now!

Eyebloc Webcam Cover for MacBook 2022-2023 - Notch Series


  • NEW FOR 2022-2023 MACBOOK PRO AND MACBOOK AIR, NOTCH DESIGN. Compliment your MacBook’s minimalist look and feel; this webcam cover perfectly blends with your device’s design for privacy protection that’s secure and aesthetically pleasing.
  • PATENTED MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT: Easily attaches to your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (Latest Models) using the built in magnets on your screen for a secure fit so you can open and close with the simple push of your finger.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Meticulously crafted using powder-coated high carbon stainless steel that rivals your MacBook’s premium quality. Your computer isn’t cheap, so why stick a cheap cover on it?
  • FULL LAPTOP CLOSURE: Our patented webcam cover is the thinnest on the market at only 0.011 inches thick. Made to secure your computer from hackers wherever you go; you can leave it on your camera with your lid fully closed while you travel.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place the cover over your camera and use your finger to slide it left or right; opening and closing your webcam with ease for total control over your privacy.
    • COMPATIBILITY: Designed for the new MacBook Pro 2021-2023 and MacBook Air 2022-2023 - See Eyebloc for MacBook Professional Series - EB-PRO-1000-B for more compatibility with older model MacBooks.
    • Designed in Los Angeles, Made In Taiwan

    Introducing the world’s thinnest webcam cover designed exclusively for MacBook

    Eyebloc webcam cover for Macbook attaches directly to any MacBook using the laptop's built-in magnets and is designed for seamless closing.


    Why do I need a Eyebloc Webcam cover for MacBook?

    You should never have to worry about your personal devices betraying your privacy, but there is a current rise in the threat of webcam hacking. The Eyebloc Webcam for MacBook is a magnetic webcam cover designed to allow your computer to completely close. The patented webcam cover for MacBook is the thinnest webcam cover on the market and works directly with the internal magnets in your computer.

    To use, simply place the cover over your camera and slide the cover to expose your webcam.

    • Delivers peace of mind in the age of computer hackers.
    • None of the gunk and residue you get from tape or post-it notes.
    • While the Eyebloc for MacBook is specifically designed for MacBooks and MacBook Pros it will also work with some newer laptops with built-in magnets.

    Can someone really spy on me through my computer?

    Yes! If you use a computer or tablet with a built-in camera, there’s always the possibility of a hacker gaining access. In the worst-case scenario, this can mean a stranger watching you and your family’s most private moments. Hackers have also been known to use cameras to steal passwords and other sensitive data.

    Engineered for Your Macbook Pro 14" and 16" 2022-2023 and Macbook Air 2022-2023

    An Eye for Design

    Patented, sleek, Scandinavian engineering, made with powder coated high carbon steel.

    Confidently Protected

    Whether at home or your office, know that no one is watching you.

    Control at Your Fingertips

    To open or close your camera simply slide with your finger.

    Why not use tape?

    We used to use tape, but we invented Eyebloc because we didn’t like to get gunk on our laptop, and we like to use our webcam to chat with friends and colleagues. So, we wanted something we could easily slide to the side when using the camera and remove without leaving gunk on our expensive equipment. Plus, the Eyebloc blends in with your MacBook and is the best looking webcam cover available.

    Does the Eyebloc stay on while my laptop is closed?

    The Eyebloc for MacBook is made from a super thin high carbon steel that allows it to remain attached to the computers’ internal magnets while the lid is closed.

    How does the Eyebloc Webcam Cover work?

    • Step 1: Place the cover over your camera and it will connect to your internal computer magnets.
    • Step 2: Simply slide with your finger to open and close the webcam.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Wim Van Balen
    Perfect fit and nice design

    Due to the perfect fit and nice design it looks like it is part om my MacBook... I get the question as if it is an option you can select when buying a MacBook

    Sample / Return Error?

    Received unit with an icon on it. Customer support will ship another unit.

    Customer service

    Customer service non existent

    Luqing Zhang
    Send wrong product

    Send wrong product. Got no response for my 2 emails and 1 online message asking for a solution

    Active camera

    Can't see the camera light if the camera is covered. I would like to know that the camera is on, even if it is covered.